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MOZA Racing CS GT V2 Steering Wheel

MOZA Racing CS GT V2 Steering Wheel

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MOZA's latest steering wheel combines all the essentials to give a value option unmatched by anyone. The new CS Racing Steering Wheel features the same brushed aluminum wheel frame as the more premium RS and RS-D steering wheels, the RGB rev indicator lights, and magnetic carbon fibre shift paddles. When you are ready to expand your steering wheel options, the same MOZA quick release system means quick swap to any wheel you add.

Although MOZA Racing is new to the Direct Drive (DD) sim racing wheel market, it is backed by Automotive engineers and Sim Racing drivers  dedicated to designing and building sim racing hardware and software products that bridge the gap between entry/mid range products and high end/premium products for unmatched value. 

Key Features

  • Brushed Aluminum Wheel Frame
  • Brushed Aluminum button plate
  • Microfiber Leather wrapped rim
  • Magnetic forged carbon fibre paddles with photoelectric sensors
  • 10 Programmable buttons including 2 dual function as joy sticks and 2 rotary knobs/encoders
  • Customized quick release
  • RGB shift indicator light
  • Wireless wheel compatible with all MOZA Racing DD Wheel bases


MOZA Racing CS Steering Wheel

Full Size Aluminum Racing Wheel

With a true-to-life size matching real steering wheels, the CS offers a realistic sim racing experience. Constructed using aviation grade aluminuim alloy for the rim, operation board and base plate, the wheel sports exceptional quality and rigidity.

Programmable Buttons & RGB Shift Light

Manage complex operations with 6 programmable buttons, 2 dual function pressable joysticks, and 2 steel rotary 20-segment knobs. Combined, the inputs provide crisp metallic sounds and a tactile feel which allow handling complex operations mid and pre race.

The sequential shifter has 7 adjustable colors. Drivers can customize the light up speed, the colours, and more.

Dual Clutch Magnetic Shifter Paddles

The magnetic shifters have a firm feeling with a forged carbon fiber design. The contactless photoelectric technology makes the paddles extremely stable and ensures you never miss a shift.

MOZA Racing Forged Carbon Fibre magnetic shift paddles

Customized Quick Release & Wireless Connection

Switch the CS wheel in split seconds. The CS wheel uses a quick-release system derived from the steering wheel systems of real race cars. Ensuring a stable connection between the wheel and the wheel base. Meanwhile, MOZA's 2.4 G wireless signal technology allows for easy hassle-free racing, which has proven to provide longer service life and greater stability than wired transmission through thousands of hours of testing.

Ergonomic Design

The hand grips on the GT wheel offer the driver a comfortable but firm grip, allowing the driver to maintain perfect control even against the strong force feedback of the strongest MOZA Racing Wheel (R21 with 21 Nm torque). From the thumb knobs to the shifter paddles, to the clutch paddles, all buttons are ergonomically positioned for quick access.


  • CS Racing Wheel
  • Quick start guide & Warranty card


Compatible Products:

Moza Racing GS Formula Steering Wheel Specs

Wheel Material Microfiber Leather
Frame material Brushed Aluminum Alloy
Button Plate Material Brushed Aluminum Alloy
Back Material Aluminum Alloy
Paddles Material 3mm Forged Carbon Fiber
Paddles Magnet Gold-plated N52 Magnet
Size 325 mm (13 inch)
Magnetic Paddles Quantity 2
Programmable Buttons 6
20-segment Knob (Can be Pressed) 2
Universal Rocker (Can be Pressed) 2
Highlight LED RGB lamp 10
LED Colours Configurable
Set Up the Lights Through the MOZA Pit House Support
Connectivity Wireless
Power Supply Wireless
Signal transmission Wireless
Magnetic Paddles Induction Method
Photoelectric Contactless
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